A Collection of Free Icon Sets for Social Media


This post is written by Danny Cooper, an aspiring writer, designer and movie geek. He currently works for Print Express Print Services who are a UK based supplier of business cards, printed flyers and booklets.


As technology and the world of social media continue to expand at a rapid rate, we find ourselves amidst dozens of new and innovative apps- so embrace them with a set of free and easily downloadable icons! Jazz up your desk top with a range of free, smartly designed apps that will add a bit of colour to your dull Monday mornings. Here are ten top free icon sets you’ll love.


1. Go for a smart and elegant look with this fantastic set of icons, which inject abit of colour onto your dull looking desktop, without looking too over the top.


Minimalistic, fun and with 35 icons available make sure you check them out here;


Free social media


Download here

2. Introducing Somacro, the smartly designed icon set that displays your favourite apps and programmes in either two variations- with or without a border.

Free social media icon to download

Get them here

 3. If you fancy making your own this useful Photoshop file will enable you to edit to your heart’s content and features the logos/icons of all your favorite social networking tools.

Free social media to download
You can download the files in one easy click!

 4. Ever wanted to make origami models of your most frequently used programmes? No… Me neither, but lucky for you someone has done just that! Illustrator Paddy Donnelly has designed something a little bit different with these origami style inspired icons. Your desktop has never looked so good!

Free social media


Access his imaginative design right here

 5.Designed by Andrea Austoni, you can get your hands on a set of icons shaped as trucks! This playful set includes up to 10 different social sites icons and is available through Hongkiat.com. 

Free social media to download


6. If you fancy something a little less polished looking, make sure you download the Black Ink Grunge Stamp Texture icons, which come with over 150 different social media icons!
Free social media icon to download

You can get these edgy icons right here


7. As designed by Dawghouse Design Studios, get your hands on a set of 20 3D social media icons right here


Free social media to download

8. Turn your plain looking icons into statutes with this free and creative set of icons which size can be customized! Interested? Head over to this website to get your icons today.


Free social media to download


9. If you’re after something a little more on the arty side, see mazu-mazu ikonki icons- 35 quirky and colourful icons which are available to download right here

Free social media icon to download


10. You’ll love this imaginative set of social media icons made to look like old bottle tops. Named Old Bottle Crowns Icon set, this set includes 20 200 px x 200px icons which are easily customizable in terms of scaling to the size you want.

Free social media icon to download

Download these icons here

11. Why not combine your love of social media with your sweet tooth! Sweeten up your day with a set of icons designed to looks candy, available right here

Free social media icon to download

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