Things to Consider Before Downloading an App via Android Market


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Since Google has already announced its new web-based Android Market, Android users from all over the globe are now looking forward to browse, purchase and download apps through a website. The freshly released desktop-based Android Market has optimized its traditional way of finding and downloading games or widgets. Users can now browse over 150,000 games and apps, entirely organized by its proper category to fully feel the new Android experience.
Downloading certain mobile apps (which also have their web versions, like is now easy and can be done completely through the web. Android users can now enjoy poker varieties directly on their smart devices. In addition, the Android Market features a Single App View, which lets its users see several poker gaming details included in most online poker mobile applications. For Android Jelly Bean 4.2 users, the PartyPoker android app showcases the quick-seating feature that allows a player to “tap” and select his desired table settings.
All these and more can be entirely easy to download if the following tips are to be considered.

What to Consider in Downloading Apps via Android Market:

Market Account

Don’t be surprised if your Google account is linked with Android Market once you have logged in any of your existing Google accounts. Your present Android handset details and previous purchases can already be seen on the web store. You can access your account in “My Account” page via a link on the top bar. Take note that this page has two tabs: Orders and Settings.

The orders tab presents your recent purchases with the apps’ name, thumbnail photo, status, and price. The list is always updated, and once you download a new application, the list changes, even if you are using your mobile phone downloading directly on your desktop computer.

Settings tab gives you a clear view of all your handsets that are linked to your Google account. If you are using Samsung Galaxy III, this tab will present you all the information about your present carrier, and last used date. You can also name your device, if you have multiple devices, just to distinguish which is which.

Browsing and Navigation

Browsing the Android Market is a no-brainer. Its homepage is so easy to navigate with its “slider” that brings featured apps to its center stage. You can browse apps by category or by their prices. The applications are split up in free or paid categories.

Single App View

Apart from thumbnails and embedded Youtube videos, Android Market allows users to have a peek into each apps’ details such as release dates, version and its size on the right. Android users can post a review about an app. In addition, it also boasts of its OTA or over-the-air installation, which you can use to update or download an app after receiving an installation dialog.

Purchasing Apps

Given that you are already signed in, you can set up a new payment method or simply choose an existing one. The payments are under Google Checkout, since there is no PayPal support yet.


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